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Born To Win

The feeling of helplessness when you can see your friend is in pain and is not sharing it with you is very hard to bear. You feel like jumping off the cliff when you see yourself so powerless. Friendship demands trust and when the friend is not sharing with you it gives you an anti-trust feeling which in turn makes you feel small and unworthy. You try to convince yourself that there must be some reasons for the friend to not share the pain with you. Maybe he doesn’t want to make you go through the same agony that he is going through or maybe it’s not the right time and when the time is right he would open up his heart and soul to you to read and get all the information that you require. But what about the restlessness, the urge to take-away the pain, to offer the shoulder to cry-on, the willingness to help, the want to stand along with the friend and face the problem together? You feel worthless when you see the person going through the pain all alone and you are nothing more than a spectator. What kind of life is this? And what kind of relationship is this? Is this what friends are for? Are they supposed be there only when you want to laugh and have fun? Someone said long time back “when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you but when you cry, you cry alone”. Is this statement applicable in friendship also? No! It can’t be. It is for the general world. Friendship is a relationship that is beyond laughter. It’s the connection of souls, a kind of an ionic bond, a directly proportional equation; one gets affected with the same intensity and force as the other. This is what should happen, not that the one stays immune to the other person’s agony and suffering. Another question is why one wants to manage everything on his own. Why one has to act brave? Why one has to prove that he/she is made of steel when one is not? A human being requires support from other humans and that human is “FRIEND”. An individual you can rely on. A person who would never let you down. Another saying states “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. I may not be that friend of yours but there must be someone who can help in these circumstances. So please do not waste time. Identify that person. He is there waiting for you to give him the green signal so that he can bring you back to life, take away the sorrows and replace them with smiles and comfort. Get you enough relief and time to get yourself together, bring back the strength, the courage within you to face the world with your head high and taking it on the front. All a person needs is a little support to get started and when the engine starts running nothing can stop it from getting what one wants and that’s what I expect from my friends. To take the challenge and subdue it, not necessarily, for success but for their own satisfaction and I know they can do it because they are my friend and I have full faith in my friends that they are born to win

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