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 | Category: Physics
entry Jul 5 2005, 06:02 PM
Ever stopped to wonder at the most obviously overlooked thing?

What exactly is this thing called light?

Light travels only in a straight line. Is made up of 'packets'. Has a speed of almost 3,00,000 km/sec !!

Why is it that we can never see the speeding up or slowing down of a light ray? From the time it leaves it's source to the time it reaches us, there is no visible speeding up of a ray!!

Since it is made up of packets, if I were to hold my hand in the way of a beam, shouldn't the 'packets' drop down near my feet?

When light passes through a jar of water, shouldn't it slow down?

When I put my hand in the path of a beam, millions of 'packets' travelling at a terrifying pace of 3,00,000 km/sec should hurt me at least some. They don't. Why?? Because they don't have a 'body' that can stick?

Then how do clothes left in bright light fade eventually? Isn't the light that's falling on them taking away the colour bit by bit? (Of course it is)

If a beam of white light from a torch can light up an object on the table in a dark room, is it possible to 'vanish' an object on the table in a brightly lit room by using a torch that emits 'black light' so to say? (Here I am not referring to the 'black light' that is used commonly)

I have many more questions on light. Does anybody want to discuss?

 | Category: Astronomy
entry Jul 5 2005, 05:48 PM
Space probes are regularly sent out from earth for specific purposes. They always have a life-span.

After their job is done and the batteries run down, we always read that the space probes drift out of the solar system.

Out??? Why out??

Shouldn't the sun's gravity pull them in?

If the sun attracts all the planets to keep them bound to him, shouldn't the tiny space probes be unable to resist the sun's pull?

But they don't - because the sun doesn't attract!!

Neither are the planets going around the sun! They are travelling in a straight line, only APPEARING to go around the sun!!!

 | Category: Generally speaking...
entry Jul 5 2005, 05:48 PM
It is widely believed that we 'evolved'.

From primitive species to the present day ones.

But what did the primitive species evolve out of?

And how did specific organs go to specific places?

Why 2 eyes, 2 ears, but 1 nose, I mouth?

Why is the brain at one end of the body? Why not next to the heart - better protected?

Why don't we also have eyes at the back? They are required, and blind evolution would have made that possible.

Why did the female 'evolve' differently? Why is it impossible (normally) to create an offspring without the participation of both males and females?

Why didn't 'evolution' bring forth completely self-sufficient beings? Why inter-dependent males and females?

These and many, many more questions can be answered in a single statement : we did not evolve - we were designed!!!
And having been designed - we were also programmed!!!

A well trained architect finds the Taj a beautiful building.

So does the Nuclear Physicist with no background in architecture.

So does the simple housewife from a remote village, who barely learnt to read and write.

So does the chana-wala who sells chana outside Gateway of India.

How do all of them think alike? Who put the idea into their collective minds that 'this' is what is called a good-looking building?

Why are 99% people afraid to die? Not because they have seen horrible, agonising deaths!!

Because we have been pre-programmed for many things!

 | Category: Astronomy
entry Jun 30 2005, 04:40 PM
Was there a planet between Mars and Jupiter at some time?
There is far too much circumstantial evidence that there must have been one.

The orbits of the planets have a geometric sequence in terms of distance from the sun. But just after Mars, the distance to Jupiter is TWICE the distance it should have been.

And in the place where there should have been another planet, there IS an orbit. The asteroids follow this orbit. Asteroids are millions of pieces of rock and dust. Is it that they are the remains of a planet that was there, and has blown up?

Were there an advanced species there? Did they get too advanced for their own good?

Did some of them manage to space travel?

Are we their descendants?

Why are we the weakest species on this planet? Why are we so different in all aspects from the other animals on earth?

And being the weakest physically, how come we have evolved way beyond all of them? Logically we should have been the last to evolve...