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If there ever was the need to find the personification of a "Simple Indian Beauty" the winner would undoubtedly be Gayatri Joshi. From humble beginnings through the winding roads of success, Gayatri through her looks and beliefs has caused many a heart to flutter and achieved greatness through her own efforts.

Her debut film is "Swades, We the People" released in 2004. A debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan and Oscar nominated Ashutosh Gowariakar is something like a dream come true. Gayatri performed it admirably. Many guys now wish for that someone singing "Saanwariya Saanwariya" for them or having someone like "Gitli" as their better halves.

This fan club is for people who share this admiration for Gayatri Joshi where we may share information, resources (pictures, clips etc) and our thoughts about this shooting star.

High resolution pictures are available in the "Files" section.(Please be aware that Yahoo has download limits on file-If you cannot download or view the pics please retry later)

Other resources available include: smile1.gif

A regularly updated website:
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A continuation of this group :


Gayatri Joshi's achivements:---- clap1.gif

1. Channel [V] Goddess of April 2005 in recogintion of her ever growing popularity.
2. Awarded "Best Newcomer (Female)" Award at the Zee Cine Awards 2004, Star Screen Awards 2004 GIFA Awards.
3. Winner of Sony My Miss India 1999 Viewers choice award.
4. Stood Fifth at the 1999 Femina Miss India Contest.
5. Represented India at the Miss International 2000 in Tokyo.
6. Awarded Best Actress, Bollywood Awards 2005.

Please visit Gayatri Joshi's fan club by clicking at the links above/below.
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