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entry Sep 29 2006, 02:13 PM

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This movie changed my view about Jitendra who was always portrayed as a jumping jack. Gulzar did the magic of reforming this actor.

A movie inspired from the english musical classic sound of music (featuring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer) is about an ailing father (from cancer) who dies leaving behind a daughter Rama, with half dozen young siblings. Pran plays the tough grandfather who stands no nonsense and tries to keep the children under check, with his military kind of rules. Master Raju looks adorable as the youngest of the lot.

Jitendra comes into town looking for a job of teacher and lands in this household as a tutor. The children who have despised the previous tutors plan many pranks to send him away, but being a patient and a tolerant man(Jitu you did a great job there!) wins a special place in their hearts and not to mention Rama's too! Romance buds between the two. Gulzar has handled it so beautifully and so subtly. Thank god, we dont have the couple running around the trees or making eyes at each other, like in the usual movies. The pranks and fun side of the movie leaves you with your sides splitting! laugh.gif

The simplicity of the characters and sketched so well, they come alive on the screen so close to real life and leaves you with a feeling of watching a nice complete film. The music in the movie is par excellence! The two numbers that continue to remain classics are - Bite na bitaayi raina.. - with Bhupinder Singh (giving an excellent rendition) with Lata ji. A beautiful number. Musafir hoon yaaron by Kishore Kumar is another classic and a very refreshing number. A song that always comes to your mind while travelling in an open or a fast moving vehicle. Saare ke saare is a jolly-go-kind of song, is good but not that the kind you would continue to remember like the other 2 classics. Panchamda's music - quality surpassing as always!

My favourite classic - I would rate this 9.5 on 10! wub.gif

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